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Andrew H.

My family and I are moving to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In order for me to get a visa for myself and my family, I was required to get certain documents legalised for use in the United Arab Emirates. The process involved getting my marriage certificate, birth certificates for my two children and my university test amur notarised by a notary public, authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and attested by the United Arab Emirate Embassy in Canberra. To complicate things even more, my wife and I were married in China, one of my children was born in China and the other was born in Thailand. This meant that we had a Chinese marriage certificate a Chinese birth certificate for one of my children and a Thai birth certificate for my other child.

I contacted Australian Notary Services and Joseph Bannerman, a notary public there, reviewed all of my documents and explained the whole process to me. Having been an expat in Dubai for 6 years he was well versed in the process of document legalisation. Joseph offered to handle the whole process for me from end to end. This entailed providing notarial certificates for the documents, attendances at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to obtain authentication certificates for the documents and attendances with the UAE Embassy in Canberra to obtain attestation certificates for cyrius.com.au 1 the documents. I had to get the documents legalised in a short time frame and Australian Notary Services had no difficulties in managing the deadline.

I would happily recommend Australian Notary Services to anyone who is travelling overseas and needs to get their documents legalised.