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Moving overseas to live the expat dream?

Are you planning on travelling abroad to live the expat dream?  If so, are you aware that you may need to have certain documents legalised for use in the country you are moving to?  For instance, if you are married and moving to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with your spouse, you should take a fully legalised copy of your marriage certificate with you.  This is so that you may show the authorities there that you are legally married, and as such, allowed to live together.  It is against the laws of the UAE for an unmarried couple to live together.

Just as important as your marriage certificate, you should arrange to have your credentials notarised and fully legalised for use in the United Arab Emirates.  Prior to commencement of employment in the UAE, your employer may need to submit your fully legalised credentials to the relevant authority in order to obtain your visa.

Should you have any queries about legalising your documents please contact us on (02) 9929 0226 or if outside Australia +61 2 9929 0226.